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Holy Galactic Earthlings. Our Caped Skater Skirt is here to change the game! 

We wanted the perfect skirt to compliment our Leo range, so here it is! 

Our full circle, under skater skirt is made from Liquid Black lycra and can be worn at waist height for a thigh length fit with your coolest kicks, or on the hips for a more earthy feel with your feet in the sand. Either way, it will induce all kinds of shiny, happy feelings. 

Our elastic waist band also means your skirt will fit for longer as your little Babe grows, winning!

All of our threads are handmade, with Love on the Gold Coast & therefore each and every item is unique. Our patterns are our very own custom designs and have been carefully created to be standout pieces in your little one's wardrobe. The price point also reflects the amount of totally unique fabric needed to create this masterpiece & also the time it takes to individually cut the fabric for each custom order. Prices do increase with the size range due to fabric allowance and make time. 

IMPORTANT: Care instructions

Please follow the care instructions very carefully. 

Please do not put them in the washing machine. 

Cold, gentle hand-wash is fine. 

Do not bleach, soak or wring. 

Do not tumble dry, do not iron and do not dry clean. 

Treat your threads with love, to maintain their beauty!


Please tag: @Jnrnation in any photos you take, as it fills our hearts with joy to see your little Babe rocking their custom threads!

Thanks so much for all of your support, JNR NATION Represent! 

Now, which Leo will you match with your Caped Skirt?!