Our Story

Unimaginable, Indescribable, LOVE

JNR NATION encourages individuality and allows you and your little one to stand out from the crowd.

Upon welcoming our own little Prince into the world during 2014, we have been privileged enough to experience the blissful, euphoric gift of parenthood.

Our fashion journey so far has stemmed from our love of supporting small businesses with unique style and charm.Early one Sunday morning, when styling our Son, we made the decision that to truly capture the spark and personality of our little Heartbeat, the only option was to create his very own clothing line. And so, CARTER JAY JNR was born.

Of Course, when we found out that Carter would soon have a sweet baby Sister, we started creating a shiny and colourful, lycra infused range, with unisex threads that were designed to be statement pieces in every little Babe's wardrobe. It was only natural to name this brand after our little Angel, & so: HALO JADE JNR was established in 2016. We are very proud that this collection is completely handmade, right here on the Gold Coast.

It wasn't long before our two little brands started building a loyal following. Stock was taking over our entire house. We purchased a Shipping Container and spent months completing our own refurbishment to make our very own shopfront as a Shipping container Store! We merged our two brands and JNR NATION was born!

Our store has ready to ship clothing from newborn to adult sizing. We also offer customisable options in our unique styles, with over 80 luxe fabrics to choose from!

Before long, we realised there was a bigger need for more than just cool clothes, hats and sunnies. So JNR NATION branched out and started creating our own handcrafted range of Skateboards and Surfboards for Kids and Adults!

We are filled with so much excitement and passion for our family empire: JNR NATION. The future possibilities are endless.

We are proudly hand-made on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Thank you for being apart of our journey.

Peace & Love.